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  1. Use Smart Solutions

    Tue 17 January 2017

    I refuse to use stupid solutions. Stupid solutions wear you off, make you angry with your work, often you'll find yourself setting due-date to "someday" in order to avoid the hassle.

    Proffesor Farnsworth: "I don wan't to live on this planet anymore"

    On the other side smart solutions are golden, require …

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  2. 2015

    Thu 31 December 2015

    This is my only post this year. Kind of a busy year.

    I've played a lot with some new technologies, dug deeper with some of the old ones.

    Below you can read a summary of some of the best stuff …

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  3. Ferm - IPtables The Right Way

    Tue 14 October 2014

    This is a small post but totally worth it. Just wanted to point out I've finally found the ultimate meta language for managing iptables: ferm.

    To keep this brief let's say Ferm is to IPtables as C is to ASM …

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  4. Debian Repo - Minimal Edition

    Usually a Debian software repository is around 50 GB, it contains lots of software, documentation and debug packages, unless you are providing services to a wide range of clients then is likely you only need a fraction of those packages …

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