Thu 31 December 2015

This is my only post this year. Kind of a busy year.

I've played a lot with some new technologies, dug deeper with some of the old ones.

Below you can read a summary of some of the best stuff I've discovered (or re-discovered) this year.

  • Ansible: Configuration management, devops best friend, loving it!
  • Mosh: Mobile shell, SSH on UDP, great for roaming users
  • Tmux: Terminal multiplexer, detach sessions, keep them running
  • Monit: Restart a service if crashed, send report by mail
  • Gunicorn: Great Python server, simple to use, great performance
  • Debian 8: Best server operating system I've used, can't believe it's free
  • Python: The more I use it, the more I like it
  • Laravel: When restrained to use PHP, this is the less painful
  • Gitlab: Your own self-hosted github

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