Pelican looks great

Tue 01 October 2013 | tags: pelican

Just got my pelican working, awesome, I struggled for a while with dependencies and even wanted to give up and check some alternatives but in the end I got it, loving Pelican so far.

For begginers trying to get a Pelican site, you should get acquainted with virtualenv, pip and I'd say virtualenvwrapper too, this is bread and butter on python world nowadays, so go for it right now.

Create a virtualenv, install pelican on it, create you blog directory with the respective, source and output folders inside, then just write your posts on Restructured Text or Markdown as you prefer and compile with a command like:

pelican blog/ -s -r

I was thinking on writing just-another-pelican-tutorial but I'll recommend one of the many I've found, read this one and enjoy Pelican.

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