Simple colors for your bash scripts

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Simple colors for your scripts


Just import rainbow.sh and start using the available functions in your scripts.

Remember you need to save the output of the desired color function to a variable and print that later, or if you wish to print the whole text in one color just use echogreen "my green text".

source rainbow.sh 

vargreen=$(echogreen "Grass is green")
varred=$(echored "Roses are red")

varblue=$(echoblue "Violets are blue")
varyellow=$(echoyellow "Daisys are yellow")

varpurple=$(echopurple "Lavenders are purple")
varcyan=$(echocyan "The water is cyan")

echo "$vargreen ..Crickets are noisy.. $varred"
echo "$varblue ..Frogs jump.. $varyellow"
echo "$varpurple ..Dogs run.. $varcyan"

How does it look?

Light palette (default)

Light palette

Dark palette (see tip below)

Dark palette