sed is unix

Thu 03 October 2013 | tags: unixsed

The UNIX concept of "do one thing and do it well" is so beautiful it's inspiring.

Back in 2005 as a beginner Linux user I used vim for everything text related, now I use it relatively less, I just found sed a while ago.

For example, this is how I change my IceWm wallpaper with sed.

sed -i  '/jpg/ s/old_wallpaper/new_wallpaper/' .icewm/preferences

A rather simple task, any visual text editor could do but I find this way extremely simple and pragmatic (and scriptable).

Some argue this is a waste of time, the time of text tools is over. Until they have to change a humongous 2GB text file and no editor can handle it, but sed will.

Do one thing and do it well. Nice play UNIX.

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